A Life of Words

The online journal of a life in progress.

I am a woman figuring it out (life, love, money, the lot) and I want to write about it. For collective resonance, for expression, or maybe just to scream-type into the void of the internet “WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING? HOW IS THIS LIFE? I DON’T UNDERSTAND?! ”

Every other week, I share some words from my road as I travel along it and learn to live the answers. This journal acts, in part, as a lived example of the thoughts, questions and feelings of a woman living life, and also as an example that there's no one way to journal.

But also, it exists because I live my life in stories and words, and I just want to write. About experiences and things I see in the world. About feelings, frankly and life in real-time. To not overthink and under share. 

I refer to journalling as something we do to start and continue conversations with ourselves. Substack is the space where that ongoing conversation - with myself and with you, happens.

And, if you’re wondering 'why Frank+Feel?' I write under the name because writing is the one way that I can express and process my feelings, frankly. No shoulds or filters.

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I speak from the heart and write from the road. This is my road. I'm asking questions that matter to me, not fearing the replies and learning to live the answers. Walk with me a while. Maybe you'll find some questions and answers of your own on the way.


Sasha | Frank+Feel

Exploring worlds with words in the online journal of a life in progress. Words from my path, and space for yours. Regular invitations to figure out (and then ask) the questions that matter to you, not fear the replies and learn to live the answers.