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A continuation is definitely a healthier way of looking at it, otherwise I think we can crumble under our own expectations of January. I will definitely be trying to build on some foundations I laid last year, and not being hard on myself for not having skyscrapers already from those foundations, just because it's a New Year and I *should* have accomplished more by now. What rubbish...

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"I simply want to get lost in living." THIS! And thanks for the vivid reminder of life in the early 00s! What a time it was to be alive!

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Ahhh VB πŸ˜†πŸ‘Œ

I also seem to be compiling an entire glossary...I absolutely cannot stop at one Word of the Year because every month (week/day/hour) I morph into someone a little bit different. (I'm sure I do this more often than most. It's exhausting).

Some of my words I've noted so far in my phone notes app:

β€’ Gentle*

β€’ Love*

β€’ Daydream*

β€’ Adaptability*

β€’ Presence

β€’ Self-Belief*

β€’ Confidence*

β€’ Dignity

β€’ Morale

β€’ Inner Strength

β€’ Poise*

β€’ Soften

β€’ Something about excavate my identity*

β€’ Passion

β€’ Becoming*

β€’ Identity

β€’ Pedestal

β€’ Worthiness

β€’ Shine*

β€’ Embodied

β€’ Rest*

β€’ Detachment

(Ones with * are my favourites...or at least were on the day πŸ˜†).

This all in 4 short weeks...so how can we possibly choose just one, as you say!

Thank you for talking about the thing I keep thinking about Sasha β™‘

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Love reading your thoughts on this, especially after your words from last year still ring in my mind (and into my substack!!) Totally agree, we can only expand on the self that has come before. I've picked 3 words to guide this year, last year I had 2 and ended up picking another half way through the year, just shows how much we are always evolving. I'm thinking of it more as a feeling and it seems that can only be described in a few or more words. I've also put together a Pinterest board for it (not a vision board) but just the feeling and I'm actually finding that's guiding me more so far. Still noticing and learning how Joy prevails in my life which was my word of 2021!

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