Cannot tell you how much of this piece I screen shot and added to my (inspired by you) RemindHer folder .

Taking these lines to my journal to explore further

+ “Sometimes we need to remind ourselves to focus on the goal instead of policing the how.”

+ “Aesthetic culture is gonna kill us. Kill our ambition, dash our efforts and dampen the arrival if we do get to the end goal.”

+ “Don't belittle yourself when you are doing the thing. You are doing the thing!”

Thank you for always being so generous with sharing your thoughts and feelings with us.

Hope you’re celebrating you and doing the ting xxx

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How do you find it for working? I use one at my co-writing space (which I just learnt is going to shut soon, so I'll lose access to standing desks and treadmill desks unfortunately). I find it sometimes makes me quite dizzy, writing or looking at my screen while walking. I've nearly tripped off it more than once!

Either way, lovely piece! I wrote a post a while ago about how I berate myself for showing up to the airport an overall sweating, overdressed, too-much-stuff and disorganised mess. In my head I should always arrive looking chic and know how to pack light by now. But as I wrote in this piece, enough already. That person that I'm judging as 'not good enough' shows up and gets the job done! (If anyone is interested, you can find that piece here: https://tamzin.substack.com/p/i-am-two-people)

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Feb 19Liked by Sasha | Frank+Feel

Yes yes yes! This is such a powerful reminder & read and something I didn’t even know I needed to hear until I did. You’re doing the thing Sasha & from an outsider perspective I see a plethora of reasons why you should be so proud of you. I’m celebrating you from afar 🫶🫶🫶

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Ooof, I really needed to read this today! I've been ill lately and not been moving and the weather here is grim just now so getting out for walks doesn't happen often during this season. I have a treadmill and keep beating myself up that it's "not a proper walk" or that I should be running on it, like the walk is not a walk unless I'm outside? Or I'm not really moving unless I'm really pushing it, y'know? But like you say, if the goal is to move and just that, just moving, then there I am... Doing the thing. Thank you ❤️

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Congratulations on moving your body in a way that feels good to you! I can totally relate to wanting to move more and then actually moving more, but then feeling like the HOW(and the speed at which) I'm moving isn't celebration worthy. It's wild. Just yesterday, I reported to a friend who works out all the time "well, I walked, but only 1.5 miles. I know thats not a lot". But for me, its a hell of a lot! Thanks for sharing. I certainly feel more apt to celebrate "doing the thing" vs. comparing/belittling.

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I love this. The algorithm (all of them) have us so conditioned to be unable to believe in our choices any more, so they can send something else our way next week. But this sounds like it’s you finding your thing and that’s fab.

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"Aesthetic culture is gonna kill us. Kill our ambition, dash our efforts and dampen the arrival if we do get to the end goal. It is nothing but a distraction to think that not only do I have to do the thing, but I also have to look or do it a certain way for it to “count.”

This! I've been focusing on just doing the thing during this season, even if it's not IG pic worthy, and it's been so transformative.

Thanks for sharing!

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Yes! Thank you so much for your words - as usual! The amount I hold back from sharing because of the gatekeepery nature of aesthetics it’s taking a lot of effort to go against the grain and just create and share things that are meaningful!

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